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Metalic Shine
How to add a complex metalic shine to your silver surfer.
(by superarticulated)   Update Tutorial

Rather than just painting a basic silver onto your action figure, you can use this to dazzle people.

1. We will be using silver, white, blue, and black. This is difficult and have a few dummy figures to experiment on.
2. Simply coat the entire figure in silver, including the joints.
3. paint vague patches of silver edged by black or blue blurring into black. I know this is hard, so google'silver surfer' to get the right idea. This technique can take hours, and every bit is worth it.
4. You may be unable to find a reference for the back of the figure. Duplicate the reflective highlights from the front.
5. It does not matter if it does not match references perfectly, just that the figure is covered in such designs.
6. Let it dry, and coat the joints in thinned superglue to prevent paint from scraping off.

Make sure you have read the disclaimer before attempting anything mentioned in the tutorial.

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