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The Throne picture created by custombase
Knightime - Thursday, May 9, 2013
Skelletor: "A SMALL WHITE DOG! My only weakness! AARGH! Quickly, get Tom Cruise to use his witchcraft and save me! Argh, too late...dying..ERK...dead!" Beastman: "....Well...I don't think any of us was expecting that..." Evilyn: "...No...Wana' get Chinese?" Beastman: "Kay."
crazyman66 - Wednesday, August 3, 2011
Skeletor:Last time I try a mind transference spell EVER!!!
somethinggeeky - Thursday, July 28, 2011
That's why he put a stop to take your daughter to work day beastman
toydude251 - Friday, July 1, 2011
skeletor: henches what happened to me
beast man:what do you mean sir
(poodle walks in and knocks skeletor off throne)
skeletor:see now not only can he man kick my @$$ even a poodle can
beastman and evila:hahahahahahahahahaha a... poodle .... just knocked ... you .....DOWN! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
endcity - Wednesday, June 22, 2011
sooooooooo hes just been laying there? all day? ..............did you poke him?
j-x - Friday, June 3, 2011
DOGGIE: Skeletor, now play dead!
Avid_Dabbler_Cadabra - Friday, April 22, 2011
Nothing is more evil than French poodles.... N-O-T-H-I-N-G!
MW2owner1 - Saturday, April 2, 2011
Well cousin Mel thanks I needeed him to give me vacation time.- Beastman
iLegends73 - Wednesday, March 23, 2011
.....uh. does this means we have to answer to him now?

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