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Bionic Six picture created by Leviathan
ACEhole - Thursday, January 26, 2012
TEAM'S LEADER: Okay Guyz! First we've defeated The Power Rangers, then The Ginyu Forces, after that was the whole JLA Team, & then this pathetic Team right here.

Next stop is...

The Jabbawockeez!
& tomorrow we practice our dance choreography!
Also, Herb you can let go of her now.

RiGhTeOuS! =>
MikeD' - Tuesday, June 14, 2011
Suddenly the conga line went terribly wrong ...
Jarred706 - Monday, June 13, 2011
Hooray for mass extinction!!!
j-x - Friday, June 10, 2011
GUY WITH GIRL AT BACK: Anybody who challenges us, we will simply lay the smackdown upon aaallll their candy asses, if you smell what the Bionic six is cooking.
GUY IN RED HAT: Shut your damn mouth and know your role
Leviathan - Friday, June 10, 2011
LMAO! I like that.

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