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The Lord of the Heads picture created by El Reo
TheStarkPymProject - Monday, April 14, 2014
"There's no rule against decapitated heads as your carry-on on a plane... Right?"
Knightime - Thursday, May 9, 2013
"Erm...A little help?"
onewingedcrow - Sunday, March 31, 2013
Where's all the blood?
mad hatter - Tuesday, December 11, 2012
The TSA is not going to like that one. Someone is getting a rectal exam to see what else he might be trying to smuggle.
Universal Customs - Thursday, August 30, 2012
"Maybe That Guy Really IS a Headcase." (Says Innocent Bystander)
i am Ogre - Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Made me think Metalocalypse right away:

"Punch your card 'cause your working day has started
and you're pushing hard for employee of the month
You got your tools of business and
They're bloodied by your clients and
You're off to work with your
Briefcase full of guts"
HisDivineShadow - Friday, August 24, 2012
Universal Customs - Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Ah, beheading people makes me so warm and fuzzy inside!
John11756 - Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Ummm I don't think they'll let me on the plane with this. (hope I don't get strip searched.)
AvengerKiller - Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Typical LAX baggage handling....someone's going to pay this time...
AvengerKiller - Wednesday, May 30, 2012
I got your custom fodder right here....
mega_star_andro - Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Agh! This thing never stays closed anymore!
Dr. Snorable - Wednesday, July 25, 2012
onewingedcrow - Tuesday, May 29, 2012
That's no way to apply for a job.

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