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Holy IRONY, Batman! picture created by BobTheEgg
An epic vocal battle between the Dark Knight and the Armored Avenger! Continue the brawl in the comments below.
Stark: "Well... does Wayne Enterprises make GIANT ROBOT SUITS? HUH?!" Wayne: "Yes it does." Stark: "What about... uh..." Wayne: "We try not to get shrapnel stuck in our hearts and base our robot suits around that injury. We do the logical thing. REMOVE THE SHRAPNEL." Stark: "Hey, I got it out!" Wayne: "...After 3 movies, yes." Stark: "Hey, I wasn't the one who disappeared for 8 years and abandoned everybody." Wayne: "I didn't let supervillains take all my stuff and then try to kill me with it!" Stark: "Yes you did (*Cough cough, Bane, cough cough, Tumbler*). And you know what? You're just mad 'cause I got to be in the Avengers and you didn't." Wayne: "I already beat the Avengers. I hope red is a prominent color on the American flag, because Cap looks pretty messed up." Stark: "I'm Tony Stark! You can't insult me like this!!!" Wayne: "I'm Batman." Stark: "Dammit. You win THIS time..."
AvengerKiller - Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Batman: You look taller in the comic books.
Ironman: Tell your Aunt Harriet to stop sending me her selfies.
Batman: Tell Pepper to send me a few more of hers.
BobTheEgg - Tuesday, March 4, 2014
OH! Nice!
BobTheEgg - Thursday, September 18, 2014
barefootabe - Saturday, August 10, 2013
iron man : we have a hulk.

batman: the justice league Has me

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