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On the Can picture created by custombase
countmall - Sunday, February 12, 2012
Shittin her pants in the correct place.
crazyman66 - Wednesday, August 3, 2011
This constipation is killing me!!!!
Bakegirl - Wednesday, May 18, 2011
"Hey, sis, don't kill me or anything, but I took a bite out of the Snickers bar that you left just sitting in the toilet".
Avid_Dabbler_Cadabra - Friday, April 22, 2011
Hidey Ho! Everybuddy! I'm Mr. Hanky! Oh snap, look out b'hind you or you're gonna end up deader on the toilet than Elvis!!!
Jarred706 - Monday, March 28, 2011
Buffy: Hey there Mr Pointy...wanna go into the sheath?
Dawn: Did you say Sheath? Here's your kni...oh you meant that "Sheath..."
iLegends73 - Wednesday, March 23, 2011
"I'm tired of using the litter box buffy! I wanna a real person."
Toysandpets1 - Sunday, March 20, 2011
put that down,,,I'm sure the exlax will work
Liko - Tuesday, March 15, 2011
"So A single stripe means Negative!? Whew, that was close!!"
mega_star_andro - Sunday, March 13, 2011
"nothing beats a Baby Ruth while on the toilet after a hard day of vampire killing"
"Girl I know you took the last Baby Ruth!"
"Shut up!"
"I CUT CHOO!!!!!!"
Darththomas - Sunday, March 13, 2011
Buffy hadn't even had time to light her customary toilet cigar

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