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Announcing the Brat Pack Custom Contest posted by Captain Coder
Announcing the Brat Pack Custom Contest
Announcing the Brat Pack Custom Contest.

They may be hotheaded and immature at times, but whatever they lack in experience is balanced by youthful exuberance and determination. We're talking about kids, and even though some of them might barely be out of diapers, for June's contest here at Figure Realm, they're out to prove that they can throw down just as well as the big guys and gals in your toy collection can. This is your opportunity to pit your vision of a heroic Superboy, a disgusting Garbage Pail Kid, or an adorable Muppet Baby against the creations of your fellow customizers.

There are numerous approaches you could take to this Brat Pack challenge, but here are some ideas/suggestions to get you started: (1) You can craft a younger version of your favorite adult figure (Big Barda --> Little Barda, Howard The Duck --> Howard The Duckling, etc.). (2) Create a custom of an existing youth character (Thundercats' Wily Kit/Kat, Family Guy's Stewie Griffin, Marvel Comics’ Franklin Richards, etc.). (3) Perhaps you'd like to make the amalgam son/daughter of a "dream team" couple (what would the child of Thor and Wonder Woman be like?). You're welcome to come up with other creative interpretations of the theme as well, including completely original characters.

The most important thing to remember is that whomever, or whatever, you choose to make MUST be a pre-adult in some shape or form. For humans, you can choose any state of youth: infant, toddler, tween, teenager, etc. For non-humans, classifying what constitutes an adolescent stage can become a little trickier, particularly for things that have much longer, or shorter, lifespans, or completely different life cycles, but, you should shoot for something roughly equivalent. For example, rather than a childhood as we know it, a monster/alien might have a temporary larval form before it undergoes metamorphosis to become an adult (i.e., Xenomorph facehuggers and chestbursters).

While children may be short, that doesn't mean your custom has to be. Your figure(s) can be any size/scale and you can use whatever parts/materials/tools you like to welcome your toy kid(s) into the world.

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