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Announcing the Yo Joe! Custom Contest posted by Captain Coder
Announcing the Yo Joe! Custom Contest
Announcing the Yo Joe! Custom Contest.

Yo Joe is the code name for the Realm's new special mission contest. It's purpose: to create customs of a highly trained GI Joe or even a Cobra terrorist. What's fair game: Anything and everything having to do with Hasbro's G.I.JOE franchise. Make your favorite Joes, Cobras, Iron Grenadiers, Dreadnoks, Oktober Guard, etc., however you want. Any incarnation of G.I.JOE (toys, cartoons, comic books, live action movie, video games) is fair game. Adventure Team, Combat Heroes, RAH, Renegades, Resolute, Sigma Six, Spy Troops; the possibilities are endless.

-M.A.S.K., Inhumanoids, and C.O.P.S. are all series connected to GI Joe and exist in the same universe. Therefore characters from these series are acceptable entries in this contest. However characters from these connected series must be done in the traditional 3 3/4 inch scale that Joes are best known for.

-Characters from Streetfighter and Danger Girl are not allowed in this contest. They crossovers that do not share the same universe as the GI Joe.

-Vehicles and dioramas are both acceptable types of entries.

-Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Warspectre - Thursday, March 14, 2013
So no original characters done up in the style of GIJoe. That could be "added to a team"?

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