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Announcing the Gotham City II Custom Contest posted by Captain Coder
Announcing the Gotham City II Custom Contest
Announcing the Gotham City II Custom Contest.

Said best by Superman, Gotham is like someone built a nightmare out of stone and metal. It is the home to some of the world's best heroes, as well as some of it's darkest villains. This makes it the perfect place for us to put our focus on for this contest.The goal is to create a custom of a character associated Gotham. Whether it be one of it's heroes, one of it's villains, or simply one of it's residents. Everyone is fair game. Don't forget that Gotham is home to more than the Bat Family and their enemies. Some other residents to consider are Jason Blood, Hitman, Plastic Man, Simon Dark, The Question, Rag Man, Zantanna and even original Green Lantern Alan Scott.

-Any character incarnations can be used for this contest; comic, movie, video game, cartoon, or TV.

-This contest is not limited to the present day. You can make entries from any part of Gotham's timeline, past present or future. So everything from Gotham's founding by John Logerquist all the way to the era of Terry McGinnis and beyond are allowed for this contest.

-No dioramas will be allowed for this contest. While it's true there are some iconic parts of Gotham that would be good for this contest, we're going to keep the focus on the inhabitants of Gotham rather than the city itself.

-As always there are no size restrictions for this contest. You may use any sort of materials, parts, tools or techniques that you wish. Whatever gets the job done..

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