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Announcing the Shenanigans Custom Contest posted by Captain Coder
Announcing the Shenanigans Custom Contest
Announcing the Shenanigans Custom Contest.

...and now for something completely different. Customizing is a lot of hard work and long hours, so naturally we take it pretty seriously. Not this time though, the goal of this contest is to make a funny custom. The content of this contest is wide open, the only requirements are that it be silly, ridiculous or just funny.

There are a few different ways to approach this contest. You could go for the straight up silly characters like Dog Welder, Condiment King, G'Nort or Squirrel Girl. You can go the 'Mort' route with characters so out there it's ridiculous, like Rainbow Raider, Crazy Quilt or Ten-eyed Man. Or just humorous variants of normal characters like Earth X Wolverine, Peter Porker, or Bikini Time Deadpool. Of coarse you're not limited to these options. Any entry that you think will give your fellow Realmers a chuckle is valid for this contest.

-No dioramas will be allowed for this contest.

-As always there are no size restrictions for this contest. You may use any sort of materials, parts, tools or techniques that you wish. Whatever gets the job done..

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