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Announcing the Dynamic Duos Custom Contest posted by Captain Coder
Announcing the Dynamic Duos Custom Contest
Announcing the Dynamic Duos Custom Contest.

Salt has pepper, peanut butter has jelly, burger has fries....some things are just better when they are paired up with that one perfect counterpart. The goal of this contest is to create a pair customs that are related to each other in some manner. There are a number of ways you can go about selecting your duo.

-Sidekicks like Batman & Robin, Captain America & Bucky, Wonder Woman & Wonder Girl, Wolverine & Jubilee, Doctor & Rose Tyler, Deadpool & Bob, Hulk & Rick Jones, Green Arrow & Speedy, Sherlock & Watson, Superman & Jimmy Olsen, Human Torch & Toro, Icon & Rocket, etc.

-Lackeys are also acceptable. Only notable henchmen for this type of entry, no generic goons. Some examples are Dr. Strange & Wong, Joker & Harley Quinn, Mad Thinker & Awesome Android, Brain & Monsieur Mallah, Palpatine & Darth Vader, Captain Hook & Smee, monkey Dastardly & Muttley, Dr. Horrible & Moist, Megatron & Starscream, etc.

-Partners such Bebop & Rocksteady, Black Tom & Juggernaut, Power Man & Iron Fist, Archer & Armstrong, Sonic & Tails, R2-D2 & C3PO, Sam & Twitch, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Booster Gold & Blue Beetle, Han Solo & Chewbacca, Batman & Superman, etc.

-Famous couples such as Spider-Man & Mary Jane, Superman & Lois Lane, Absorbing Man & Titania, Green Arrow & Black Canary, Dazzler & Longshot, Storm & Black Panther, Gambit & Rogue, Apollo & Midnighter, Destro & Baroness, etc.

-Archenemies are another option. Not just any set of enemies will do, entries of this sort must be of significant long time foes. Some examples are Batman & Joker, Spider-Man & Green Goblin, Superman & Lex Luthor, Wolverine & Sabretooth, Captain America & Red Skull, Spawn & Malebogia, Harry Potter & Voldemort, Storm Shadow & Snake Eyes, etc.

-Family members such as the Wonder Twins, Northstar & Aurora, Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver, Quantum & Woody, Thor & Loki, Havok & Cyclops, Mario & Luigi, Billy Lee & Jimmy Lee, etc.

-Characters with animal companions or steeds are also acceptable entries. Things like Quicksilver & Tally Hawk, Black Knight & Aragorn, Law & Order, Kitty Pryde & Lockheed, Ka-Zar & Zabu, Lion-O & Snarf, Gargamel & Azrael, He-Man & Battle Cat, etc.

-Dioramas are allowed for this contest.

-As always there are no size restrictions for this contest. You may use any sort of materials, parts, tools or techniques that you wish. Whatever gets the job done..

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