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Announcing the Silver Age Custom Contest posted by Captain Coder
Announcing the Silver Age Custom Contest
Announcing the Silver Age Custom Contest.

Many of today's popular comic book heroes and villains (not to mention many forgotten ones) made their first appearances during the Silver Age (1956-1970). The object of this challenge is to bring one, or more, of them to life in customized toy form.

- Your custom must depict the character you decide to make as they appeared during the Silver Age, no matter how ridiculous their respective costume(s) were back then.

- Any American comic book publisher from the Silver Age is fair game, not just Marvel and DC. All that matters is the time period, not the publisher.

- Retcons, time travel, flashbacks, etc., don't count. Whatever you make has to have actually appeared in a comic book printed during the specified time period (1956-1970).

- You MAY NOT redesign/reinterpret a Bronze or Modern Age comic book character as a Silver Age one. Likewise characters from media other than comic books are forbidden. Provided that they were still active in the Silver Age, Golden Age characters are legal; however, keep in mind that you still have to dress them in the appropriate costume(s) for the time period (1956-1970), unless, of course, they continued to wear their Golden Age duds into the Silver Age.

- In addition to figures, vehicles and playsets/dioramas are also acceptable as entries, provided that they existed during the time period (for example, a Silver Age Batmobile or Batcave).

- You may use whatever base figures, parts, tools, materials, etc. you wish to create your custom creations. Have fun, and don't be afraid to dig up someone or something really obscure!

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