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Custom Collaboration Project posted by pock63
Custom Collaboration Project
Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone was interested in doing a custom collaboration project. My idea is to make an absorbing man figure with lots of changeable arms and legs of different materials. The idea behind this is that every customizer can use there unique talents to make a different changeable body part such as a mettle arm, brick leg, wooden leg, glass arm, etc(but be creative feel free to go wild with this). You are not limited to one entry you can make as many different parts as you want or you could make a matching set such as metal arms and legs. Then I will post pictures of him and all the different custom parts and we will vote on who's was the best and the person with the best one will get to keep this figure for them self as a prize for there hard work. Please post any questions, comments, or ideas bellow. I am still looking for a wrestling figure that would be good for this project. What I am looking for is a wrestling figure wearing jeans but with ball joints at the hip so that his legs can be easily switched. I also want it to be a figure that is compatible in size with most other wrestling figures so that you can use and arm or a leg from other wrestling figures and it will match this figure in size and joint type.

More info here.

RedRebelCustoms - Wednesday, July 6, 2011
Awesome bro, you got this posted up like that! Let's get this thing roll'n.

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