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Announcing the Orion 2 Custom Contest posted by Captain Coder
Announcing the Orion 2 Custom Contest
Announcing the Orion 2 Custom Contest.

Long have men been driven mad who dwell too deep in the contest vaults. There they find contests will no discernable theme that defy attempts to make sense of them. To quell the chaos we now venture into the vaults in an attempt to make sense of them.
In honor of Orion, the hunter of greek myth, this contest is about hunters. Monster hunters, bounty hunters, trackers, and snipers as well. I encourage everyone to think outside the box on this one as there are many characters that fit the bill for this contest. Such as Wolverine, Kraven, Death’s Head, Boba Fett, Lobo, The Winchesters, Ulysses Bloodstone, Green Arrow, Predators, and Blade.

A few questions to ask yourself if you are unsure of a character. Have they been seen stalking their prey? Are they a capable tracker? What is it that they hunt?

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