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Announcing the Halloween Dress-Up Custom Contest posted by Captain Coder
Announcing the Halloween Dress-Up Custom Contest
Announcing the Halloween Dress-Up Custom Contest.

Figure Realm is hosting a Halloween Party, and all of your little plastic pals are invited, but the catch is that they have to show up dressed as someone, or something, else, or they won't get any of Captain Coder's candy when they ring his virtual doorbell. The best and most creative outfits will earn the coveted gold, silver, and bronze awards.

- It must be visually clear, from your entry photos, that your custom figure represents one entity dressed up as another (think show and not tell.) However you choose to accomplish that is up to your own creativity. Removable masks/outfits or swappable heads are just two of the many possible approaches that you could take.

- You are not required to completely hide the identity of the underlying figure; partial concealment is fine. For example, putting a leather jacket and a fedora on Batman, and arming him with a whip, would be sufficient for an Indiana Jones outfit--it's okay that we can clearly tell that he's really Batman underneath the added clothing. Your custom toys don’t have to actually fool anybody with their disguises--they're just dressing up, not trying to infiltrate a top secret research facility. You might even choose to make the character's new look unconvincing on purpose for comedy effect.

There are no size/scale restrictions, nor are there any limitations on the parts/materials/tools that you can utilize. Make Deadpool look like a giant piece of candy corn if you want to.

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