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Announcing the Thundercats Ho! Custom Contest posted by Captain Coder
Announcing the Thundercats Ho! Custom Contest
Announcing the Thundercats Ho! Custom Contest.

"Ancient spirits of customizing, transform this broken toy into Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living!"

After a long absence from toy shelves and air waves, everyone's favorite heroic felines are back in a big way, and the goal of this challenge is to celebrate that fact by cobbling together your own customized tribute to the Thundercats franchise. Gold, Silver, and Bronze Eyes of Thundera will go to the victors!

- Any character or thing appearing in the Thundercats cartoons, comic books, toy lines, etc. is fair game as far as subject matter is concerned (both the classic stuff and the new reboot). Don't feel limited to just standard figures: vehicles, playsets, and even unproduced prototypes, like the Mad Bubbler or Tongue-A-Saurus, are also valid options. You may choose to duplicate a given character's normal look or reinterpret/redesign them however you see fit.

- If you'd like to do something more unique, you may also try your hand at making an original Thundercats character--if you do so, please give us a brief explanation, in your entry description, about how you feel your creation fits into the larger Thundercats universe/mythology.

There are no size/scale limitations and you can use whatever parts/tools/materials you like to craft a heroic Thunderean, villainous Mutant of Plun-Darr, pillaging Berserker, or moon-spawned Lunatak. And please, for Snarf's sake, remember NOT to put any logos/names/watermarks on your entry photos that identify you as the customizer; each toy's creator is supposed to remain a secret until the conclusion of the contest's voting period!

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