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Announcing the Vehicular Toyslaughter Custom Contest posted by Captain Coder
Announcing the Vehicular Toyslaughter Custom Contest
Announcing the Vehicular Toyslaughter Custom Contest.

You can't expect your toys to walk to every battle, right? It might only take you moments to strut out to Tatooine, er, I mean, the sandbox, but that's a long haul for someone who's only a few inches tall. The object of this challenge is to customize a vehicle of some sort for your figures to cruise around in with style. The smoothest rides will earn gold, silver, and bronze ribbons!

- Any device used for carrying/conveying persons or objects is acceptable, either from real world examples or fantasy/science fiction. Cars, starships, trucks, trains, tanks, planes, boats, jeeps, motorcycles, mecha, helicopters, vans, ATVs, buses, submarines, UFOs, ambulances, hovercrafts, blimps, bulldozers, etc.--the possibilities are nearly infinite. Living/sentient vehicles, like Wheeled Warriors Monster Minds or Disney/Pixar Cars, are also legal subject matter.

- Animal mounts aren't allowed for this contest. We want actual vehicles, not a figure riding on someone, or something, else's back/shoulders (i.e., no horses, chocobos, banthas, dragons, etc.) However, you are permitted to make vehicles that are pulled/drawn by animals, like a stage coach or dog sled, or vehicles shaped like animals, that people can actually ride inside of, like a robotic Voltron lion or a wooden Trojan Horse.

- Provided that their alt mode is a vehicle of some sort, Transformers, GoBots, and similar figures, are acceptable as entries. If you choose this approach, then you must submit at least one photo of your customized toy in vehicle mode.

- You are not required to customize a figure to go with your vehicle (although you're certainly welcome to do so if you want to.) Creating a vehicle should be enough work all by itself. IMPORTANT: If you wish to take some photos of your vehicle with a rider/driver/pilot, then please use an unaltered toy, not your other custom creations (unless it's an all new custom figure that you made specifically to go with your submission.) Remember: the contest entries are supposed to remain anonymous until the voting is over; if you were to put an old custom(s) in your vehicle, Figure Realm voters might recognize it and identify you!

- There are no size/scale limitations; you may customize something as small as a Micro Machine or as huge as the U.S.S. Flagg. You can modify or repaint an existing toy vehicle, create a new one from scratch, or anything in between. Feel free to use whatever materials/parts/tools you like when crafting your entry.

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