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Announcing the Make Mine Marvel Custom Contest posted by Captain Coder
Announcing the Make Mine Marvel Custom Contest
Announcing the Make Mine Marvel Custom Contest.

Excelsior, True Believers! For this challenge, the goal is to customize any character from Marvel Comics. The three best entries will be awarded shiny Gold, Silver, and Bronze No-Prizes!

- In addition to anything from the "normal" Marvel Universe, character variations from alternate continuities/time-lines/dimensions are also valid subject matter (Age of Apocalypse, Marvel 2099, Ultimates, What If?, etc.) Adaptations of Marvel characters into media other than comic books (movies, cartoons, toy lines, video games, trading cards, etc.) are fair game as well.

- Marvel's interpretations of licensed properties are off-limits. In other words, even though they published comic books focusing on them, you can't make stuff from franchises like Conan the Barbarian, G.I.JOE, Robocop, Star Wars, ThunderCats, Transformers, etc., because Marvel doesn't own them.

- Crossover characters, from other companies, comic book or otherwise, are also prohibited (no Marvel/DC amalgams, Capcom entities from the Marvel vs. Capcom video game series, etc.) That said, amalgams whose component characters all come from the Marvel Universe are acceptable.

There are no size or scale limitations and you should feel free to use whatever base bodies, parts, materials, tools, and techniques you like to bring your Marvelous creations to life. 'Nuff said.

MortalKombatMaster - Saturday, July 7, 2012
can I do a mega block character its not ment to be a cross over it just a really good base or the person I'm making

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