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Announcing the Sidekicks II Custom Contest posted by Captain Coder
Announcing the Sidekicks II Custom Contest
Announcing the Sidekicks II Custom Contest.

When things get hairy, it's good to know that you've got a dependable partner watching your back! The goal of this challenge is to craft a custom of any "sidekick" character. Sidekicks are defined as close companions who are generally subordinate to the individual that they accompany. The character's relationship to the hero/master could be that of an apprentice/trainee, companion, employee, fan/groupie, or even a trained pet.

- If the character you want to make has grown out of the sidekick role, then turn back the hands of time so that your custom reflects how they looked when they were still playing second fiddle to the main attraction. For example, it would be more appropriate to depict Richard Grayson as Robin than Nightwing for this particular challenge.

- Don't forget to tell us, in your entry description, who your character is a sidekick to and how/why they fill that role in the relationship. This is particularly important for more obscure characters that the voters might not be familiar with.

- Here are some examples of sidekicks to get you thinking: Amanda (Jigsaw Killer), Barney Fife (Andy Griffith), Bird Companions (various Silverhawks characters), Brain and Penny (Inspector Gadget), Bucky (Captain America), Buzzbomb (Dr. Badvibes), Chewbacca (Han Solo), Dr. Watson (Sherlock Holmes), Ed McMahon (Johnny Carson), Enkidu (Gilgamesh), Fallout Boy (Radioactive Man), Gabrielle (Xena), Harley Quinn (Joker), Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley (Harry Potter), Jedi Padawans (various Jedi), Jimmy Olson (Superman), Jubilee (Wolverine), Jughead (Archie), Kato (Green Hornet), Lockheed (Kitty Pryde), Mini Me (Dr. Evil), Rick Jones (Hulk), Robin (Batman), Samwise Gamgee (Frodo Baggins), Sancho Panza (Don Quixote), Short Round (Indiana Jones), Speedy (Green Arrow), Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog), Timber (Snake-Eyes), Tonto (Lone Ranger), Transformers Cassettes (Blaster/Soundwave), Woodstock (Snoopy), Wong (Dr. Strange), and Zero (Jack Skellington).

- There are no limitations on size/scale and you may use whatever base bodies, parts, materials, tools, and techniques you like to create your toy sidekicks. If you're still stumped for ideas, or would just like to see some examples, check out the results from the first incarnation of this contest: Sidekicks Custom Contest

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