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Announcing the Alien vs. Predator Custom Contest posted by Captain Coder
Announcing the Alien vs. Predator Custom Contest
Announcing the Alien vs. Predator Custom Contest.

Alien vs. Predator Custom Contest

Predator and prey are arguably the two oldest roles in nature, the only question is, which will your toys be, the hunter or the hunted? The object of this challenge is to create a customized figure of someone or something from the Aliens or Predator franchises. The three best entries will have their skulls embossed in gold, silver, or bronze and lovingly placed on the Predator's trophy wall (figuratively speaking of course!)

- The various Alien and Predator movies, comic books, video games, toy lines, novels, etc. are all fair game as far as subject matter goes (with the exception of crossovers with unrelated franchises, see below.) While the contest's title is Alien vs. Predator, you can make humans, androids, etc. from the source material too. For example, customs of Ripley, Dutch, Bishop, and Hicks would all be fine. You may also create an original Alien or Predator design if you wish.

- No crossovers with other companies' intellectual properties! In other words, stuff like Batman vs. Predator, Superman vs. Aliens, amalgams of characters from unrelated franchises, etc. aren't allowed.

- There aren't any limitations on size or scale and you should feel free to use whatever base bodies, parts, materials, tools, and techniques you like to bring your custom visions to life.

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