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Announcing the Power of Grayskull Custom Contest posted by Captain Coder
Announcing the Power of Grayskull Custom Contest
Announcing the Power of Grayskull Custom Contest.

Mysterious portals to Eternia and Etheria have opened into Figure Realm; who, or what, will come pouring through these gates? The goal of this competition is to craft a custom of someone or something from either the Masters of the Universe or She-Ra: Princess of Power franchises.

- Figure Realm member supersizeme is generously donating a prize to the first place gold trophy winner of this challenge: A MOTU-themed figure customized by him!

- Any incarnation of the Masters of The Universe or She-Ra franchises (with the exception of crossovers, see below) is legal subject matter for this contest: The various toy lines, cartoons, comics, live action movie, etc. are all fair game. In addition to standard figures, vehicles (Attack Trak, Land Shark, Wind Raider, etc.), animal mounts/companions (Battle Bones, Panthor, Swift Wind, etc.), and dioramas/playsets (Castle Grayskull, Slime Pit, Snake Mountain, etc.) are all acceptable as entries. You may also reinterpret an existing MOTU or She-Ra character or design an original one if you like (if you do so, don't forget to tell us, in your entry description, how you feel your creation fits into the brand mythology.)

- No crossovers or fusions with unrelated intellectual properties. For example, even though Superman has met and interacted with MOTU characters in the comics and Mattel has released some "versus" sets of MOTUC and DCUC figures packaged together, you may not submit DC characters to this contest. If you'd like to make an amalgam whose component characters all come from the MOTU or She-Ra universes, that's fine, but don't mix in elements from any other franchises.

- There are no restrictions on size/scale and you may use whatever base bodies, parts, materials, tools, and techniques you like to bring your vision to 3-dimensional life.

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