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Announcing the 80s Style II Custom Contest posted by Captain Coder
Announcing the 80s Style II Custom Contest
Announcing the 80s Style II Custom Contest.

The goal of this competition is to make a custom of someone, or something, from the years 1980-1989. The three best representations of the decade, as decided by Figure Realm's voters, will win the gold, silver, and bronze awards.

- Anything that existed during the years 1980-1989 is fair game as far as subject matter goes for this challenge: Toys, comic books, movies, sitcoms, cartoons, musicians, novels, athletes, politicians, trading cards, video games, etc. In addition to standard figures, vehicles and playsets/dioramas are also acceptable as entries.

- Your customs should match what the character or thing looked like during the decade in question. Character designs/costumes from before, or after, the eighties aren't allowed. If you're making a custom of a real person, you should try to make them look the correct age for the time period.

- If a person or thing wasn't around during the 1980s, then it's not legal subject matter for this challenge under any circumstances. Time travel and retconning (or any other explanations that you can think of for placing a character in the eighties that wasn't actually there) aren't allowed. Likewise, you cannot make an ineligible character legal by giving them an eighties-style makeover or redesign.

- Please note that, while subject-wise this is an eighties contest, your base bodies and parts do not have to come from toys produced during that decade--when crafting your custom entries, you're welcome to use fodder from any year, vintage or modern. And, as usual, there are no limitations or size/scale and you may utilize whatever materials, tools, and techniques you like. If you'd like to see some examples, or just need some inspiration, you can view the results from the first incarnation of this contest here.

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