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Do you have an opinion about an action figure you want to share with everyone? Did you just get ahold of the coolest figure ever, and you want to make sure everybody knows about it? Or are you disappointed with a particular figure from a series? Everyone has their own opinion. Feel free to write up your own review of any action figure, no matter how new or old it is, and share your thoughts with us.
Marvel Universe - Fury Files (Hasbro) - Box Sets
The characters look like they leaped out of the comic books. The figures fit in with the rest of the series (They also are aritculated enough to be able to move like the rest of the figures in the series.
5.00 stars by HulkGuy93
Wildcats (Playmates)
I would have given this figure a higher rate, the color and facial expressions got her. The only major complaint i have is that she has EYEBALLS! In the series, she didn't have eyes, they were just white
4.00 stars by ladyeyeballz83
Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring (Toy Biz) - Large Electronic Figures
This is THE Lord of The Rings. Probably the finest figure in the series I mean look at him...just look at him! The details are amazing.This one is a replica of The Dark Lord Sauron from the Prologue of The Fellowship of the Ring from PJ's Trilogy.

What you get is a very poseable figure which stands almost 11" high. It comes with a mace which is very nicely made not lacking the details that. . .
5.00 stars by Dorion Thurin
Spider-Man - Movie (Toy Biz) - Series 1
Hey webheads it's SpideyFigureCollector and today we're reviewing The Super Poseable Spider-Man Figure from the original movie! When we first look at the figure we see that the detailing is pretty great Spidey looks just as he does in Sam Raimi's original Spider-Man movie. So if we go in to articulation it's very good for a 2001 action figure but it does have a few issues for example if you articu. . .
4.00 stars by SpideyFigureCollector
Spider-Man - Movie (Toy Biz) - 12" Collector Series
This Spider-Man figure is GREAT! It does have some issues though. For example Spider-Man's mask is rubber which at first doesn't seem all that bad but it is bad. When you take Spidey's mask there is a pretty well sculpted Peter Parker head which does resemble Tobey but if you keep the mask on too long the red rubber of Spider-Man's mask rubs off on the Peter Parker head so it looks like Peter got . . .
4.50 stars by SpideyFigureCollector
Batman (Neca) - 7” Scale
It should be the best action figure of the year. And one of the best batman action figure ever. Took 25 years to someone make an outstanding figure like this. I've paid a high pice and must say,it's worthy. It's the first 7 inch movie version of michael keaton as batman(one of my favorite actors of the dark knight),a very rare iten in brazil(to tell the truth,unavailable),features multiple points . . .
5.00 stars by MCollector
Terminator 2 (Neca) - 18" Scale
Basing on my experiences with ownership of this thing, this Endo is:

* Very detailed
* Very screen accurate
* Very articulate (a lot of rotating joints)
* Somewhat poseable?
* Very (and I mean VERY) fragile!

If you see this while you're on eBay, it's definitely worth picking up. Give it a chrome repaint like I did and it'll look a lot better!
4.50 stars by XavyH
Terminator (Neca) - Series 3
It comes with a very detailed AR-18 assault rifle and the SPAS-12 shotgun; and an interchangeable head (the "I'll Be Back" head). The guns are pretty screen accurate, especially the jungle-mag on the AR-18. Both guns can fit in either hand. The task of swapping the heads is one I won't be doing very often because it was so damn hard to put the 'damaged' head back on.

Sculp. . .
4.50 stars by XavyH
Sonic X (Toy Island) - Sonic Megabot
Shadow here from the Megabot Sonic X line is well done by Toy Island. First is the sculpt, he is sculpted very well modeled after the TV show. His quills are done right, unlick the 2005 Sonic X Shadow line where his quills are all up instead of the top quill. This figure is done right on Shadow's quills so that's a good thing. Second is the articulation, the articulation in his arms and legs are g. . .
5.00 stars by HyperShadow92
Ghost Rider (Toy Biz) - Series 1
This was the first ghost rider figure released in this line, he is based off the dan ketch design which was popular in the 90's when this figure was released. The figure features 11 points of articulation, 2 of which are universal joints at the hips & the hands also rotate 360 degrees, this allows the figure to ride the bike made for him easier. This figure also includes a couple of accessories, o. . .
5.00 stars by Overlord
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Latest Review Comments
UFGatorAlumni - Wednesday, May 6, 2015
I've bought several of them, some for MIB, some display only, others for custom projects! Another one DC made (all versions of is the Son of Batman Deathstroke. If you love Talon, this is a good Deathstroke! (Not that they've made a bad one
-- in reference to Talon by BobTheEgg in Reviews
daredevil96's Sidekick Studio - Thursday, March 5, 2015
Painting eyes are the most fun part next to skin tone. You can use a super thin brush but I prefer toothpicks (it gets into smaller places). Go to the tutorials on the customs page. There are two tutorials called "painting eyes" and "painting a head". That's where I learned. Good luck
-- in reference to Deathstroke (Masked) by daredevil96's Sidekick Studio in Reviews
Stevie son - Tuesday, March 3, 2015
Hey man I'm new to customizing wondering if you any tips for changing the eye color on sh figuarts
-- in reference to Deathstroke (Masked) by daredevil96's Sidekick Studio in Reviews
Optimus Primer - Sunday, February 22, 2015
Cool and creepy!
-- in reference to Venom (The Madness) by The Composer in Reviews
BFBrown3 - Friday, October 17, 2014
Ha. I found one at a Goodwill. I kept for a while but decided to list it on ebay.
-- in reference to Black Widow (Grapple Blast) by MCollector in Reviews
The Composer - Monday, October 6, 2014
The Green Variant is one of three versions of the "Venom the Madness Figure."

The variants include: A yellow/honey-like translucent version ($$$), Green Variant ($$), and Original Black Version ($).
The translucent variant is RARE and only packaged in a Spider-Man 2000 2-pack made available in Canada. I almost had one but it slipped through my fingers. Oy...
-- in reference to Venom (The Madness) by The Composer in Reviews
Cleaning out the attic - Sunday, October 5, 2014
I have the black version and the green version of Venom the Madness. We bought them years ago when a toy dealer told us that the green one was an error and would be worth something some day. They are still in the box. The green one is in a box with the UPC 3511247241 - the same as the box for the black one which has the UPC 3511247241. Both have item numbers 47241 on the boxes. Was this a manufacturer misprint and is it worth something?
-- in reference to Venom (The Madness) by The Composer in Reviews
Dorion Thurin - Saturday, October 4, 2014
This review is for Galadriel Entranced not this figure ^_^
-- in reference to Galadriel (Lady of Light) by Dr Nightmare in Reviews
MCollector - Monday, September 29, 2014
 Hey,I've found one of these in Mercado Libre,here in Brazil. In US Dollar,should be a price of 12,50 aproximatelly.
-- in reference to Dr Loveless (Spider Blaster) by Mr.jackal95 in Reviews
jake1 - Monday, August 11, 2014
me to don't like the alien face that much either
-- in reference to Mysterio by Spidermancustoms2005 in Reviews