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Amazing Spider-Man (Toy Biz)
The definative venom figure. His face makes him look like he wants to
Bite you with his teath. He's was muscular and bulky as he should be. He's very
Articulated. At the shoulders,biceps,elbows,hands,fingers,torso,waist,hips,thighs,
Knees,ankles, and toes. The only POA he's missing is a head joint.

The next downfall is how short the arms and hands are.the arms are short l. . .
4.20 stars by Spidermancustoms2005
Spider-Man Origins (Hasbro) - Series 2
Redoing this review. Nice detail. Great articulation
I do have 3 problems with this figure. 1. The boots are not accurate
To his comic look. 2. The helmet is too big too wide.
3.the paint job is metallic because of this it's not
Great. Still it's a great figure.
4.00 stars by Spidermancustoms2005
Star Wars - Power of the Force (1995) (Kenner) - 12" Scale
I give this figure set the highest rating. It is made beautifully. The Dewback has great detailing and wire in it's tail to bend how you'd like. The Sandtrooper is perfect, down to every last detail (like his Life pack and his Imperial battle lance.). He even has the feel of good materials, high grade plastic. The Dewback is 31 inches long and you can take some great photos of this group. Th. . .
5.00 stars by vampiremaven
Spider-Man Origins (Hasbro) - Series 2
The detail on mysterio is really great. The articulation as well,even though
His missing the torso joint. He has a gimmick where you press the
Button on his back. His head changes from a human head to a alien head
To a monster head.the only thing that bothers me so much
Is how big the fishbowl is .other than that his a great figure.
4.00 stars by Spidermancustoms2005
Marvel Legends - Infinite Series (Hasbro) - Mandroid Series
So with the highly successful movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we would expect to get good figures, right? This series doesn't include just good figures, it has great figures! The Winter Soldier is one of them. Upon removing him from package, the figure comes with 2 accessories. A head with a good sculpt and decent paint, but then there is the gun. Why did they give him this gun?! It lo. . .
4.00 stars by schnibble
Spider-Man - Movie (Toy Biz) - Series 3
This Green Goblin is "different" from all the other movie goblin figures, because its "Battle Damaged". Heard that before. But its to just a cheap marketing technique. This figure is actually pretty cool. The damage, combined with a darker green and darker, reflective eyes create a much more gritty and realistic feel for movie Goblin. He comes with his trident, as seen at the end of the movie, as. . .
4.50 stars by Fir3fly360
Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time (BD&A)
This is a figure that i have wanted for quite some time. upon purchasing it i was both happy and sad. i was incredibly happy to finally own an action figure based on my favorite incarnation of Link from the legend of Zelda series. However, i was unpleasantly surprised that the figure was hollow inside. However, the figure was still sturdy and fun to play with but when i raised his arms, his torso . . .
4.50 stars by Ohmethias
Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Unleashed
Well i have to say this figure is awsome. This a figure i got free from an old stuff store kinda. The articulation on this figure is kinda bad but it is still fun to pose with. I say you must get this figure if you want it. Awsome figure
4.50 stars by Racoon21
Cowboys of Moo Mesa (Hasbro)
The Moo Mesa figures as a whole are pretty basic with Saddlesore in particular only having three points of articulation. The arms move up/down ,stinger moves up/down, Waist moves very very little due to the mold of the figure itself which is why I didn't count the waist. I have this figure in hand and I think it's safe to say when comparing it to the other figures in this line that Saddlesore is e. . .
4.00 stars by tmntfannumerouno
Transformers - Dark of the Moon (Hasbro) - Mechtech Ultimate
Its a proper adults toy. It took me a good 15 minutes to get it to transform which i think is a good thing considering it kept me hooked to it. The only reason i did not give it a full 5 was the gun doesnt fit properly in the hand. The articulation is pretty decent and so it the detail. Its one of my favorite action figures in my collection for sure.
4.50 stars by from pakistan
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