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G.I. Joe Team Set #2 Review

G.I. Joe Team Set #2
G.I. Joe - 25th Anniversary (Hasbro) - Box Sets
All right this is going to be one long review, so lets get started and avoid too much fluff. First up to bat is Shipwreck. This is thirteenth version of this character to be made and perhaps one of the most awesome. If you look at his face you will reilize that Shipwreck looks like Sean Freakin' Connery which makes this the greatest G.I. Joe ever by default.

Carefully painted on his right forarm is a green tatoo of an ancor with what looks to be like a dragon curled around it. The other paint work on him, his shirt, pants beard an hat are all really good with no visiable runs or airbubbles. A gun holster is strapped to his right leg which you can fit a revolver into. The revolver fits best into his right hand. His other weapon includes a spear gun that is almost as long as he is tall. The spear gun is better fitted for his left hand. Other accessories that come with Shipwreck are a hook tied to a handle with a piece of string, a bag or purse whatever you want to call it and Polly, his parrot which can be fixed to the top corner of the bag's band. Of course, Polly's weight really messes with how well he can stay up and tends to flop around if not pull the bag down interily.

Shipwrecks well articulated with swivel hinged elbows, shoulders and ankles while his knees are double hinged and his hips are the standard Joe fair, his torso and wrists are swivel joints and neck a ball joint. Shipwreck is really a great figure and the fact that he looks like Sean Connery ups my enjoyment of him by ten times even with the flaws of Polly. Still, I'd give him a five out of five.

The next Joe on the list is Ladye Jaye. Lady Jaye shares the same articulation as Shipwreck and indeed most of the other figures in the boxset. Other than that, she's very unique in design and weaponry. Lady Jaye's main weapon is a spear longer than she is while strapped to her back is a quiver of spear heads that can be removed. For what perpose? None. The spear's head can not be removed so there is no point in having the extra spear heads removable. The spear also isn't really that stable in either hand but it works better in the right hand than the left.

Her secondary weapon is the standard rifle you see with a lot of Joe figures except cast in black plastic. This is a weapon included with the other figures in this set save Hawk and Shipwreck. Sculpted on to her left breast is a small combat knife however it is not removable. Her paint job is really good and the uniform design makes it feel like a real military uniform which is something you don't see often with these guys.

Over all, I give Lady Jaye a four star rating. A poor grip on her weapons and stiff ankle joints are a facter here but still not making a bad figure.

Flint is another character included as is Lady Jaye's main squeeze in most continuites and his armed with a black pistol, the standard rifle and a shotgun! Unfortunately, Flint had some rather poor sculpted hands. The right hand bends back at an odd angle so making it look like he's aiming is a bit tedious and his left hand is too loose for my liking. Also, his right elbow was rediculously badly attached abd sometimes falls out of the socket! I eventually just jammed it in after curing some superglue around the peg. Hopfully this is just a defect for my figure. Would be my luck. Still, the figure has positive notes. He has a harness strapped over his chest filled with what I'm guessing is meant to be shotgun shells. Nice. Also he has a backpack which is probably meant to be what's attached to the harness and pegs pretty well into his back. Paint is good all around.

Still, Flints flaws were annoying and really detracted some points. Three and a half stars for Flint.

Okay, only two more figures left in this set. Next up is General Hawk. He's decked out like a piolt, bomber jacket goggles, the works. A shoulder holster is on his chest with a none removable revolver. His only weapon is a simple black pistol which works well in either hand but his right hand is really more suited for the job. Other accessories for him a a helmet with the aformentioned goggles and a backpack. There's not really much to say inregards to Hawk. He's a pretty simple figure with no frils, just all buisness.

Over all, I'd give Hawk five out of five.

And finally, we come to Snake Eyes, the Joe's resident ninja and possibly one of the most popular characters in the franchise. Really, it's his pressence in the set that made me pick it up. He has three weapons, the standard rifle, an Uzi style gun and his sword with the Arashikage crest just above the hilt painted really well. The sword is a really cool design which can be dual weilded but the left hand is far to open to hold the sword by itself but the Uzi and rifle work well in either hand.

A gernade belt is strapped over his chest and a backpack can be pegged into his back. Other pouches are sculpted directly onto his theighs and biceps while some ankelets are sculpted around well...his ankles. His right glove is really glossy and looks like it has a pair of crossbow bolts on it for some raeson. The body is very plain, basically just a black bodysuit. The head is simple with a gray visor over his eyes. Really, this is one of the best figures of the set. The joints aren't too tight, the weapons are cool and it just feels really awesome.

Also, he comes with a non-articulated wolf named Timber (Get it? IT'S A PUN! HA!) that looks really cool with a smooth paint job. Not bad really.

Over all, I give Snake Eyes five out of five.

For the set over all, I'd give it a four and a half star ratting. The flaws from Flint's figure really drag this set down some but doesn't make it worthless considering the amount of other good figures. And dude, Sean Connery Shipwreck!

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