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Battle Damaged Predator (Unmasked) Review

Battle Damaged Predator (Unmasked)
Alien vs Predator Requiem (Neca) - Series 4
The predator rival of the alien.I've also found predator cooler and better than the alien and is definatly my favourite another thing is I really like predator and predator2 whats so bad about the second movie?? I love it anyway on with the review.This guy is the stuff of nightmares very scarey.A exellent plus about this guy is sculp and detail he looks exatly like the wolf his amour tunic and necklace of various skulls is sculpted very nicelly indeed this version is battle damaged now really you could call it that I suppose with the added blood or slime on its head (mouth) and body.He has his net and light body amour.Now onto articulation this figures poa isnt bad at all he has 18 points ball jointed neck and shoulders swivel fourarms hands turn thights move up and down lower thigh does too and feet turn.With useful articulation in the legs allows him to do the famous crouch.Now onto weapons and stuff.He has a retractable arm blade it really goes out quite far just be carful how you treat that part he has an interchangeable hand out spread spear that can break easy mine hs already a disk one shoulder cannon a tech module and the extra thing a cleaner kit which fits on his back and a facehugger and chestburster these two are really nice editions and again have great detail and sculpt.Just one thing be careful with the figure and weps cos some may break easy.Overall I highly recommend getting this guy for the figure and the extra creatures also if you don't want to spend eyeloas on hot toys ones get these their smaller but not any less awesome!!.Thanks for reading!!!!

      by Deathlock66   Update Review

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