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Waspinator Review

Transformers - Animated (Hasbro) - Deluxe
Been meaning to do a review of this guy for the longest time. Waspinator was one of my favorite characters from Beast Wars and when he appeared in Transformers Animated I was really excited and when we got the toy after so painfully long in my area I was even more hyped. Unfortunately, he doesn't really live up to it.

Waspinator transformers into a green and black technorganic wasp. Admitedly, his Beast Mode is more developed than Blackarachnia but it has some problems. His robot mode arms slipt apart to form his beast mode front legs. The way they connect at the wrist makes it rather annoying or difficult to get the seperated.

His forlegs are blocked by the edge of his wasp head at the shoulder joints and the connection between the bipart limbs is really weak and they can pop apart to easily. His back legs are made up of his robot modes legs with no really work done to get them into the proper configuration.

Waspinator also has a pair of translucent purple wings on his back. A small switch just bellow them will make them flap. It's really a fun, simple gimmick that doesn't mess with the figure proper. Other translucent parts are in the out sides of his calves and both his forarms. His beat mode head had a large pair of translucent purple eyes the the detailing on them made to look like the line seen on a heart monitor. Finally, his robot mode head is lightpiped with the same translucent purple as the wings, arms and legs. The heart monitor style lines are also present on his eyes.

Anyway, Waspinator is pretty well articulated and balanced. A pair of vistigial arms come up under his beast mode head which forms his chest like the original Waspinator. He's riddled with ball joints and peg joints so he can be taken apart rather easily which is cool considering that he is said to be able to survive being blown apart in his Galatic Powers and Abilities list and seen in the show proper. He also lacks any weaponry outside of his claws.

Really, Waspinator is a pretty good figure but his flaws do grate on me. All in all, I give him four stars out of five.

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