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Dr. X (Toxic Gut) Review

Dr. X (Toxic Gut)
Action Man (Hasbro)
Action man is considered gijoes british cousion during the 60s or 70s Action man became seperate from gijoe from then on action man has become a figure collected by many.In 1994 action man was updated leaveing behind his army like background and became a action hero I suppose you could say gijoe rolled into 1!Action mans ultimate enemmy is the evil drx read the figures info on the checklists to find out more.Now onto the figure.He is dressed in purple and white camo trouses he has a eye pacth and real life like hair!.But the coolest things are his loumonous robotic hand bionic eye underneath his eye pacth and his toxic guts.They look quite gross and its as if his stomach has been cut open to reveal evil insides! the cool thing is that if you tip him upside down gunge pumps around his gut which is so cool!.Another interesting thing is that his heart or whatever it is has a purple x in it or by the way just as cobras emblem is a red cobra doctor xs is a purple or green x hence the name.He has some cool looking amour too and a neat firing ice gun (sorry trying to find another word besides cool to describe him).Anyway this is really a cool drx figure and one of my favourie versions in him thats right he hasnt had has many figures in him as action man has but he has had some awesome figures!Overall a truly awesome figure I would recommend him but if yor american and don't get him from the net your chances are pretty slim thanks for reading!!!!

      by Deathlock66   Update Review

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