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Magneto Review

Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 3
Magneto the master of magnisisim the arch rival of professer x and one of my favourite marvel villians and heroes.This is the best 6 inch magneto figure there is I here a lot of bad things about this guy but he is a great figure.His sculpt is good too his stern face makes him look sane and incharge unlike the other version in the box set were he looks like a madman.He has short hair instead of long hair I actually prefer him with short hair I mean he aint a punk rocker now is he.Articulation is vey good aswell his hands are also posed in agood way to look as if he is using his powers.He also comes with a comic and a sentinal head stand which is another awesome part of this figure in a way its more of a display piece rather than a stand you can stand hin on their just not too well but a cool piece nonetheless the comic book is a good read too its such ashame hasbro took over the line I miss the comic book stand and clamshell packinging so much I could go on but I'm not gonna.Now his cloak is made of soft rubber plastic his helmet is a cool accsesory too it is removable his suit is the best one there is the classic red and purple.Overall this is the best magneto so far the body isnt an issue for me I always thought he did work out lol.aI got this guy years ago with my birthday cash and he is still one of my favourite figures.If youre a fan in magneto you should have it that is if you don't have a custom man the number of custom mags anyway I highly recommend him if you can track him down for a reasnoble price!thanks for reading!!

      by Deathlock66   Update Review

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