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Sabretooth (Ultimate) Review

Sabretooth (Ultimate)
X-Men - 2006 Series (Toy Biz) - Series 3
Sabertooth is wolverines worst foe and he has always been my favourite out of the two.I have quite a few figures in sabertooth.Just let me start off by saying this guy is huuuuugggee! well he is very tall standing taller than my venom figures including the tounge lashing one.He is dressed in green trouses with straps on the thighs and arms he also has a long fur coat.He includes interchangable hands a pair of normal hands and a pair of wolverine claw like hands this is to show that its the ulimate sabertooth or is supposed to be to me hes just the marvel unniverse sabes and is the dominant figure of him in my collection.I like the head sculpt he looks very evil with a hint of happiness in there maybe hes just done something to hurt ol wolvie.The box says he has 32 poa unless I counted wrong I thouight he had more.The only real problem I have with this figure is his hands the clawed ones arent too bad its the other ones they seem a little small and arent in much of a clawing position.But thats fine with me cos I customized it well I baissicly took some other bigger aqnd better hands and swapped them ill have to post it up I just need to find time to and a camera!Any way overall he is a really good figure and if you don't have any good sabe figures get this pne if yopu see it pick him up!Thanks for reading!

      by Deathlock66   Update Review

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