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Logan Review

Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 11 - Legendary Riders Series
For starters logan is one of my big time favourite chracters in mavel dc is a diffrent story now on to the figure.The jontis are exllent finally he has a bike!!! The bike is an easy rider and is a small one for little logan.It has a cool looking flame paintjob.I like the exaughsts they are a liitle like two of his claws.The figure itself is exellent dressed in his classic street guise he is also spot on with the hight when compared with other 6 inch figures.I really like the coat cos it gives him more egde.I diagree with the stats too his fighting skills should be higher like 9 or 10 come on hes weapon x! for crying out loud!! I like the head sculpt it makes him look battle ready.He features a spring loaded waist this also is the same mold as a sentinel attack wolverine figure 2004.I'm happy that they didn't take out the spring loaded waist.I'm happy with this figure and he has 32 points of articulation thats just awesome!!!!!!!.So overall he is highly recommended.

      by crazyman66   Update Review

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