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Apocalypse Review

X-Men (Toy Biz) - Series 1
Apocalypse, one of the baddest mutants of all time. I ranked him as a 5 because of his style resembling when he first appeared as a thinner taller mutant and later on he gets a bit more of a bulkier look. This one is a bit thinner but still yet looks as though he could kick some serious gluteus maximus. The figure itself comes with the ability to grow taller by extending the torso and the legs below the knee. It really doesn't make him that much taller, I mean he's a big guy so to begin with so no problem there. He comes with the usual tube-age coming out of the arms that you'd expect on an apocalypse figure. Overall sculpt on his is good, what you'd expect for the first apocalypse figure to come out, not super fantastic but good, the second edition really improved upon it making a more modern representation. Something that I see as kinda goofy not really a flaw would be that this apocalypse has a bit of a bubble butt, too many fruit pies, happens to the best of us lol. But seriously he's a good figure the paint on this guy is good, but for some odd reason his eyes are kinda wonky. I mean on mine he looks like he's trying to stare in separate directions. Nothing to worry about really, over all the paint is nice and even because really there isn't a lot of paint on him. He also comes with this staff thing that really doesn't add to him at all. I mean he's a great figure sans accessories, the staff though shoots a missile of some sorts I don't know it won't even fit in his hands. So I mean use it for some other guy, apocalypse doesn't need it anyway. Anyway as I was saying he is a great figure that comes to be appreciated more and more. So buy or skip this guy, I'd say buy if you love your future ruler of the world, he's a good starter figure and lets face it you'll always need more baddies with the amount of wolverines out there. You can probably find him on most websites or even by local dealers, I got mine extremely cheap moc from a reputable dealer. Overall get him quick and fast before its too late and your paying an arm and a leg because he's vintage.

      by necornaut   Update Review

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