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Batman (Combat Belt) Review

Batman (Combat Belt)
Batman - Animated Series (Kenner) - Series 1
Beautifully fine!! Classic design!! What is the best figure ever made for the infinitely countless Batman series? The original Batman of course!! Batman comes painted in his greatest color scheme and is sculpted exactly like he looks in the original Batman:TAS cartoons. The classic grey and black with the piercing white eyes and the bold yellow and black bat-symbol emblazoned on his chest!! His gloves, boots, cowel, and tights are jet black with a satin smooth finish to contrast with his arms, legs, and torso which are painted a soft, light grey. His eyes, a blinding white against his dark mask.

Batman also comes with handcuffs, a fabric cape, a removable belt, and a yellow grappling hook that really shoots!! It has a powerful spring inside which shoots it extremely far. The grappling hook is tied to a string which is tied to the firing mechanism so you dont lose it. The cuffs and hook can be attached to Batman's belt for storage. These accesories are pretty bulky though. I prefer displaying the dark knight just as he is.

No other version of Batman can ever be better than this one. That is my animated-style-loving completely, utterly biased opinion....

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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