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Archangel (White Wings) Review

Archangel (White Wings)
X-Men (Toy Biz) - Series 1
archangel, a mutant distorted and given metal wings to become of the horseman of death, that aside lets talk about the figure. I gave him a 4.5 because he's near perfect I wish I could go to the whole 4.75 but I mean that be nit picking. Anyway he's a good figure with a nice sculpt and fantastic wing style. I like the idea of having white wings because of the silver that they really are in the comics and how it looks really nice here, and they have the feature of flapping and you can kinda shoot a missile out of the top of them, not really necessary but still kinda cool. I want to talk about the sculpt of him next, I mean come on he is a top notch sculpting example with nice definition it definitely adds to the figure. It makes the figure feel better, I can't quite explain it but the ridges in his suit are extremely nice compared to if they were just painted on. The head is nice, a little big in my opinion but whatcha gonna do. Anyway the paint is nice on this guy, but this is why he gets only a 4.5 instead of a 5, its because of the eyes. I just don't like them at all, I mean I look at them and I get this whole its a wonderful figure but it really needs the eyes to be fixed! Oh well thats just me ranting about them, anyway the figure itself is nice, its exactly the same as the gray wing one that they released in the repaints series, and the in the box set. Overall I'd say get this or any of the archangels frankly they are always welcomed for both the hero and villain side. you can most likely get him on a website of sorts, who knows maybe there is one in the toyshop. If there is I'd get him fast before they start labeling these figures vintage and then you'll be paying through the nose to get them.

      by necornaut   Update Review

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