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Ultimate War Machine Review

Ultimate War Machine
Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Ares Series
Well, after seeing the Iron Man 2 trailer, I felt the urge to buy a War Machine figure, I got to my Walmart a few days later, and luckily they had one of these guys left in stock. Without thinking I bagged it and left. You don't need to have Ultimate Iron man to see that this is a repaint, and since I never noticed there was a head underneath the helmet I was okay with not being able to take it off, the paint apps are pretty nice, with only a few minor scratches that were probably received during packaging, the articulation is nice and it's easy to pose him in a way that makes him looks pretty cool. He's pretty durable as well. The only complaints I have about this figure are minor. The first, would it really have been that hard to recast the head with the proper eyes? It's not that big of a deal, it just kind of bugs me. Two, why can't his helmet come off? Is Hasbro racist or something? Don't want us to know our hero is a black guy or something? Jerks...yeah. Finally, his hands are in a weird position, like one of them is making a shadow putppet and one of the is holding a glass of wine in a fancy manner. This is where I start to miss Toybis, because if we had finger articulation, this wouldn't be a problem! All in all, this guy is a pretty good figure with some minor quirks, but their easy to get past, especially since this is the best War Machien figure we've gotten out of Marvel Legends, and probably the last one we're getting until Iron Man 2.

      by Vash_15   Update Review

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