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Magneto (Super Spark Action) Review

Magneto (Super Spark Action)
X-Men (Toy Biz) - Series 2
The master of magnetism, Magneto, by far my favorite villain of all time due to his greatness (doom has nothing on him). The figure itself is nicely done, by far better than the first release, although some would disagree. I like the idea of the helmet staying on him and the fact that he has a plastic cape that is removable so you can do his super spark action. The figure itself has the basic articulation that you would find on most x-men figures that you would find of this time period. Everything is sculpted on nicely, and the action feature is hidden by his cape unless you wish to remove it then there is a lever in his back which you pull up and down to get out the super spark. The paint on this figure varies mine was a little sloppy on chest, making him look like he had super play wear in areas when really he's basically mint, eh nothing a little paint can't fix, plus they're basically unnoticeable so I wouldn't worry about it. The figure itself is tall, it's bigger than the deadpool x-force figure series 1. He also comes with a pistol hand gun style weapon. I don't really know why magneto would need one but hey it only makes him cooler. Weapons and accessories always help out a figure. All around this is the magneto to get for your x-men to battle and he goes great with the second sabretooth, but if they could only do something about that juggernaut! Oh well thats another thing to gripe about later. So I would suggest getting this figure before its too late and your stuck with no magneto at all. Where you can find him, I do believe there is one in the figure realm shop, but if your reading this then you should probably head there right away to pick him up. Anyplace else, I know some websites sell him but the prices might get steep, he's becoming vintage very soon. So pick up your master of magnetism today or else you might not get to at all!

      by necornaut   Update Review

User Comments
loosecollector - Saturday, September 5, 2009
Q: What''s scarier than a Mutant Master of Magnetism?
A: A Muntant Master of Magnetism..... WITH A GUN!
Unknown User - Sunday, August 23, 2009
yeaaa wild gun toting 90''s magneto!
flawpunk - Sunday, August 23, 2009
i had that!!!

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