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Scorpion Review

Mortal Kombat (Jazwares) - Series 1 - Deception
Well, here we have Scorpion. Before these went out of stock and started going for ridiculous prices on a website, I managed to find one at KB. Scorpion came packed with a sword, yep, just a sword. It's pretty flimsy too. Flimsy sword aside Scorpion is an amazing figure, the paint apps are great, articulation is plenty, and he looks just like he does in the game. Insulting this toy is harder than trying to find a good reason George W Bush was elected twice. He can be posed in any position, he can be played with a lot and is extremely durable. My only minor complaint is that I see he has a hole in his hand, probably for his iconic spear, sadly, after searching the package over and over, his spear was nowhere to be found, but ignoring that, Scorpion is absolutely flawless, he's durable, poseable, playable, the onyl thig I could think of that could make this toy better would be if a flaming skull head was included. This figure is great for both Mortal Kombat fans and casual collectors (lol oxymoron) this figure has great quality that some of the later MK figs lacked. Great job on this one Jazwares!

      by Vash_15   Update Review

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