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Venom Review

Transformers - Crossovers (Hasbro) - Wave 1
A while back I was on a Transformers kick, but I didn't know who any of them were. When I saw the Marvel Crossovers, I was stoked. me being the symbiote fan I was, I grabbed Venom. Now his vehicle mode is pretty decent and makes sense when you think about his character, a musclebound savage, but his robot mode makes me want to break him, if I couldn't trade him here. His legs are tiny, his arms are long, there's barely any articulation, and transforming him back into his vehicle mode makes me want the car to get into an accident. Try to get over this guy real fast, because after you can't return it anymore, you get furious thinking about how you shelled out the money for this guy. Even if you're a fan he shouldn't be too high on your wants. It gets even worse when you get his Carnage repaint, since if it's Carnage the whole thing gets out of character, since Carnage is thin and limber. Overall, I'd say pass on this one, if you're a Venom fan, try to find another one, if you're a Transformer fan, go get a real Transformer. In two words, not good.

      by Vash_15   Update Review

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