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Spider-Man 2099 Review

Spider-Man 2099
Spider-Man Origins (Hasbro) - Series 1
For some reason, even though the 2099 line has been gone until recently, Spider-man 2099 continues to get action figures. Why the choose him over Spider-man Unlimited I'll never understand, but that doesn't mean I like him any less. Spider-man 2099 is a pretty cool figure, his shiny paitn apps give you kind of an armor feel, but it works well with his look. The cape has rubber rings that go around his arm, so it's better than ones that just clip to his neck. His arm articulation is pretty good, and while it only has limited finger articulation, it's better than nothing. The head isn't ball jointed, which while isn't a problem in posability, swivel necks usually end up with a line arching from one side of the neck, over the head, to the other side of the neck. It isn't easily noticeable, but like most quirks, once you see it, you can't unsee it. I think the one thing I can say I don't think most people will like about him, is the way his legs are, they can't stand straight, and because of how they're built, his pose is pretty much predetermined, I'm sure that 9/10 of the people who own him have him in the same exact pose. But it's not a big deal, and I can get past it. So other than a few things Spider-man 2099 is a great figure, yet not highly recommended unless you like the character.

      by Vash_15   Update Review

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