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The Fallen Review

The Fallen
Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen (Hasbro) - Voyager Class
One of the original Thirteen Transformers born into existance, The Fallen fell from grace and lost his name and hops from dimension to dimension seeking to bring an end to all things under the leadership of Unicron. This is but another incarnation of the wicked Gaurdian of Entropy according to Hasbro fiction guru Forest Lee, the same character but a diffrent body in other words. So if this is true, we may actually see Unicron in the third film, a prospect I am both excited and trepidatious about. Either way, The Fallen is presented here in the Voyager Class price point to impressive results. This guy helps drive home the fact that these are alien robotic lifeforms with an unnerving frame, seven fingered hands and a head vaguly reminicent of a Xenomorph. He's also loaded down with articulation. Double hinged elbows attached by a swivel joint, wrists hinged, a swivel torso joint, his hips are ratchet-hinge joints, his knees are swivel hinges and ankles are swivel joints. The Fallen's Mech Alive gimmick is located in his feet. When picked up off the ground, his four "toes" snap together. However, they can be a pain to fold out again, either by setting him down on his feet or trying to open them up while setting him down, it get tricky as they don't always want to open up properly.

He has a mane of translucent red plastic around his neck which if you pull down on his head, can be folded behind it for storage. Pulling down on the head will cause the mane to spring back. Also in his upper arms are other translucent red panels that can be folded up and down. The frill surrounding The Fallens face is made of soft rubber, the same kind used on his freaky hands and the little connection points just above his hips. The connection points are there to be linked up with small pieces of soft rubber attached to his forarms via a hinge joint. Connecting them makes the figure more accurate to the CGI model but compramises much of his articulation and really feels like it risks tearing them if you're not careful. His transformation is reasonably complex but the end result isn't too terribly impressive. Still, it's fun and that's enough for me. The Fallen has grooves carved all along his body that are painted orange, like he was on fire or at least that's what I'm assuming here. He doesn't have any missiles or weapons which I'm kind of neutral on.

Over all, I'll give The Fallen a four out of five. A pretty goood figure overall so don't be afraid to pick him up.

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