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Colonel America (Zombie) Review

Colonel America (Zombie)
Marvel Select (Toy Biz)
Occasionally, when the normal mall doesn't meet my needs, I head over to a bigger one, and that bigger mall has a Books-A-Million. I've been going to that Books-A-Million since before I started collecting figures, and whenever I went there, there was a Zombie Colonel America, me being a fan of Marvel Zombies, I gave it a glance or two before walking out, but it was a little too much for me. However, the last time I went before summer, it was on sale for $10 dollars, whipping out my wallet, I found 10 dollars, and 60 cents. Doing the math, I was shocked to find I had exactly enough, and I must say, I am happy with my purchase. Articulation is a plenty on this one, and in addition to being my first Marvel Select figure, it was also my first Captain America figure, so I was flabbergasted by the way the shield worked. It's pretty cool, it clips on to the arms and the straps stick it to the back, but my favorite part of this figure it definitely the sculpt. It really captures the dark and gritty art of Marvel Zombies, even the shield is dilapidated and appears to be covered in mud, and his removable skull cap really makes it feel like this figure was plucked directly from the pages of the comic, especially his protruding stomach which makes it look like he just got finished ronching on the Silver Surfer, as his base would imply. I have to say, now that I know what I was missing out on, I would've paid full price for the guy. Definitely my favorite Marvel Select figure, and definitely my favorite Captain America, if you find this guy in stores, jump on him, because I haven't seen him anywhere else since, and he's definitely worth the money!

      by Vash_15   Update Review

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