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SCUD (Yellow) Review

SCUD (Yellow)
Indie Spot Light (Shocker Toys)
Packaging: Like all of the figures in the line,there is not a lot to look at in the packaging, but there is a positive. Old-fashioned file cards. Nothing big, just a back story and character art, but it is nice to see the differentiation in the cards.

Another positive in the packaging is that the bubble-pack is only attached to the card by a couple pieces of tape, so if you like to keep the card, it is easy to remove the bubble-pack without damaging anything.

Appearance: This figure is dead on with his comic counterpart. I loved Scud comics growing up, and I was not disappointed with this figure. If I could change one thing with this figure, it would be reattaching his head a bit higher on his shoulders, but as is, he is still a great figure.

Articulation/Poseability: Scud can be posed in almost any position you could want him, and most of his points of articulation are well hidden.

Accessories: Like most figures in this line, Scud comes with an Isz figure to display with the Maxx figure. He also comes with a pair of interchangeable hands. One set of hands with guns, and the other set without. It would have been very nice if they just gave him open hands so the guns could be separate, but in the end, it doesn't detract too much from the figure.

I am surprised Scud did not come with more accessories, especially since some of them could be done so easily.

Overview: I love this figure. It is definitely worth having.

      by BurchCustoms   Update Review

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