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Shadowhawk (Silver) Review

Shadowhawk (Silver)
Indie Spot Light (Shocker Toys)
Packaging: Like all of the figures in the line,there is not a lot to look at in the packaging, but there is a positive. Old-fashioned file cards. Nothing big, just a back story and character art, but it is nice to see the differentiation in the cards.

Another positive in the packaging is that the bubble-pack is only attached to the card by a couple pieces of tape, so if you like to keep the card, it is easy to remove the bubble-pack without damaging anything.

Appearance: This is a nice looking figure, but it does have a couple of small faults. His shoulder pads are not attached, so they fall off easily. Also, his middle core is thinner than his lower core. It is not extremely noticeable, but once you do notice, it seems to stick out.

Articulation/Poseability: Shadowhawk is the most lacking of the series in this department. He has ridges on his hips and shoulders that keep them from moving very far. He can still be posed in a number of dynamic ways, but there do seem to be some poses that are impossible with this figure.

Accessories: This figure comes with 2 accessories: a claw that attaches to his forearm, and and Isz figure to be displayed with the Maxx figure. There is not much to say about them. They are well sculpted, if not a little boring.

Overview: This is a good figure with a few flaws. Overall, he is a good representation of Shadowhawk. He is a good figure for filling shelf space.

      by BurchCustoms   Update Review

User Comments
Vash_15 - Monday, August 24, 2009
He looks cool

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