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Lady Deathstrike Review

Lady Deathstrike
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 13 - Onslaught Series
I found Lady Deathstrike the other day at my local dollar store. While I'm not a fan of her character, I like Onslaught, and for $5, and the head/upper torso build a figure piece, I couldn't say no, however, I am quite disappointed with Deathstrike's figure. The arms are a bit too long, the articulation is hard to control, due to the fact that her sleeves keep you from seeing where the joints are pointing without effort, and her fingers look...weird. It's really hard to find a decent pose to put her in, and the fact that she's hunched over with such a peaceful look on her face not only looks weird, but from the comic she came with, the peaceful face seems pretty out of character. I think that my least favorite part of this figure is the way it looks aesthetically, it looks good and bad at the same time, and I can't put my finger on why. While it's of decent quality, this figure just isn't something I can enjoy, it's not what I like in a figure, it's not a character I enjoy, it's not worth the 5 bucks, but if you're a fan of the character, I doubt you'll find anything better.

      by Vash_15   Update Review

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