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Deathstroke (Masked) Review

Deathstroke (Masked)
DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 3
So I'm a big Deathstroke fan, I honestly like him better than Deadpool, and feel he should get just as many appearances in comics. When I started collecting figures I arrived to the scene too little too late to get this guy, but I found him at my comic shop one day, and then he was mine. Deathstroke comes with a lot of accesories, a machine gun, a handgun, his staff, and his sword. Let me just say that his sculpt is beyond great, in fact, his sculpt and paint apps are fantastic. Now this is my first DCUC figure and let me say that he has convinced me to buy more if I ever see a character I like. It really takes little to no effort at all to find a cool pose for him, and while I haven't thrown him against a hard wood floor, he has fell and came out unscathed multiple times, so I can safely say he's pretty durable. Overall I only have one complaint about as big and Dubya's brain. The shoulders look a litle weird when they connect to the arms. That is all. If you like Deathstroke, if you like DC, if you like comic figs, get this figure, he's outstanding, you outdid yourself Mattel!

      by Vash_15   Update Review

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