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Kashyyyk Trooper Review

Kashyyyk Trooper
Star Wars - Legacy Collection (Hasbro) - Greatest Hits
In Star Wars Battlefront II, Kashyyk was always one of my favorite places, it wasn't because of the beach, or the Wookiees, or the great sniping spots, it was because the Scout Troopers were camo. Scout Troopers are my favorite trooper and this look is just amazing, I think it helps that green in my favorite color. Anyway, this figure has some great articulation going, the only thing it's missing out on it ball jointed legs. It comes with a giant rifle for some reason instead of something he could snipe with. Something I find cool, but not attractive is the fact that his mask flips up. When it's up, he looks like Jango Fett, but when it's down, he looks cool. As you can probably tell, I like it down. This figure has one major problem that plagues it. The paint. It would look fine with just flat green, and it would look great with seriously high level paint apps, but it doesn't have either of these. Instead it's bade coated green with the browns and greens put in there in pretty much perfect sized dots. Dots aren't nearly as cool as the normal camo designs with what seems like something easy to do right. Luckily this is something that's easy to get over, and once you do, you've got yourself a great figure.

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