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Spider-Man (Black Costume) Review

Spider-Man (Black Costume)
Marvel Universe - Fury Files (Hasbro) - Wave 3
Symbiote Spider-man, despite his notoriety, hasn't had that many figures to the best of my knowledge, this figure both makes me want one less, and makes me want to buy them all. I'll start with why I don't like it. It's paint apps are terrible, the eys are 2 different kinds of white and the blue tint doens't look good at all. The open fist open hand thing doesn't look good especially on a Spider-man figure, and he's a bit too tall. Now for why I like it. This figure is great for customs. I prefer to work in 3 3/4 inch figures, and as a fan of msot of spiderman's alternate outfits (Spider-man 2099, Spider-man Unlimited, Iron Spider, Scarlet Spider) I can safely say that this figure is one stop shopping, I can make them all from him! He's just the perfect Spider-man base, in fact, you can make a lot of other character too since they have similar eyes and Black Spider-man has no embossed webbing like his red and blue counterpart. So while the figure isn't good if you want a Black Spider-man, it can open up a world of oppurtunities for Spider-customizers everywhere, and in that, it's great!

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