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Simon Belmont Review

Simon Belmont
Castlevania (Neca)
If I didn't know better, I'd have said that this guy was a Mideval Conan. Simon Belmont stands at about seven inches tall, give or take a few centimeters. He's ripped and has more weapons and accesories that I know what to do with. Simon is heavly based on his apperance in the first two Castlevania games. The armor looks like real leather at first glance. Soemthing that throws me off is that he only has one shoulder pad, but even that looks great and sculpted to look like it was stitched on to the chest piece. Really, all the detail on this guy is incredible. The fur looks like fur and the metal looks like...well plastic but it all looks really good. The face sculpt is something else. Simon looks enraged, ready to tear Dracula's face off with a steely gaze. The paint application is almost perfect until you hit the face. It looks like they were trying to give Simon five o'clock shadow or something but it is smeared looking on his cheeks and a pair of spots are bare right on the tip of his chin. Really sad because otherwise the paint and sculpt are prefect!

The articulation is odd to say the least. The knees, biceps, wrists and neck are all what you'd expect, swivel and balljoints and such. The rest get kind of strange. You'd expect the elbows to be simple hinge joints however they are swivel joints cut at an angle. This is really strange the first time you go to turn the arms down and nearly rip them from their socket. Still, this helps when it comes to dramatic posing, The thighs have similair joints but the hips are just the basic swivels. Also, the ankles and calf's are swivel joints. He's pretty stable and you get a good range of motion for him.

His accesorries are pretty varied. Of course he comes with The Vampier Killer whip. It's stuck in a fixed arch like he's just about to crack it at some un lunky ghoul. It was suprisingly brittle and snapped in half when I first handled it but I suppose that's really my fault. A dab of superglue repaired it and left no traces. He also comes with a dagger and knife which can be fitted into their respective sheaths quite easily. Also included are a vial of Invisibility Potion, a candle stick, a flail and the Symbol, a boomerang like weapon. Finally, he has an extra open palmed left hand which is kind of bland compared to his other two hands which are pretty well sculpted.

Honestly, it's the sloppy paint work on his five o'clock shadow and the fixed position of the Vampire Killer that detract from my enjoyment of the figure. Would have prefered if you could manipulate the whip more. May make my own one day. Over all, I give this figure four stars out of five.

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