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Spider-Carnage Review

Spider-Man (Toy Biz) - Venom - Along Came a Spider
Spider-Carnage is a character which I really like, not because of his story, or his character, but just ebcause he looks so freaking cool. This figure really lives up to that by being something that honestly, I've never seen before. He's got a lot of gimmicks going for him that seem to work pretty well. Instead of using blue, they used one so dark, it's almost black, and while it looks great, the plastic has this smoothness to it, both it's look and feel, that I've enever seen on any other figure. The red on him is somethign you don't see anymore, it's translucent, so in the dark it looks almost black, but in the light it's like he's glowing, stick him in front of a candle and it's just beautiful. For such a gruesome character, they did a great job with making him look better than the majority of my collection. My biggest and pretty much only complaint, is that he doesn't ave too much articulation, but after thinking on that a bit, it would kind of ruin his aesthetics. His pose is also pretty unique, and I don't know how he can balance himself, but he looks pretty good, it's definitely somethign I have trouble doing with other figures. I payed 40 dollars for this figure, and I'd pay it again if I had to, because he's just that good.

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