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Casey Jones Review

Casey Jones
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 2007 Movie (Playmates)
Thsi was the first of the movie figures I picked up and is one of the best I have. His schulp is goold and acurate to the mivie. He comes with a removible mask that fits well. The paint job like that of all playmates toys figures leves something to be desired. He comes with many goold acsesories among them two baseball bats. These would be great for posing him with if it wasn't for the fact that they painted them instead of having the plastic be the coller they neded so right off the bat(pun intended) the paint rubbed off revieling the grey plastic benieth. The joints on this figure are poor. Over all I think this figure was pretty goold.

      by pock63   Update Review

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